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There are times when I cannot work out how Messrs Morris and Gibbs actually do it!

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They tell you what doesn't work in these places, how long you should spend there, what cultural issues to avoid and so on. If you like guidance and rules to follow - you'll love this.However, I do know Asia and Asians well, and I feel this is enough to give you a perspective on this book and its value - I recognise and have experienced all of the challenges the authors bring up.They covered most situations that I've come across, with a couple of exceptions that I'll detail below.Lance Andrews's series of ' Sounds ...' recordings is a really good thing.Stephen Power I was more than a little sceptical when I received this disc for review: Schubert's Fifth Symphony and Mendelssohn's Fourth, arranged for organ duet.1 was hooked by about bar 10 of the first movement.So many aspects of Japanese culture that come into play in social and dating situations are brought into this book.

From situations, to communication, to activities - it's all there. These guys have deciphered Japan for you - I wish I'd had this book when I was in Tokyo.

Some of the places that weren't covered were the high end 'underground' clubs, the different styles of the districts in Tokyo, Shibuya and hosts.

For the high end 'underground' clubs are 'hidden' (for the exclusive effect, which I found intriguing), rather expensive, and operate on a different level which I didn't see discussed here.

just occasionally, such as at the very beginning of the Schubert, the pedals are a bit on the heavy side but always clear.

It will also cut your learning and frustration time with dating down hugely - no matter how experienced you are with dating and attracting women. This is the best guide we've seen to date on overcoming those differences. It's well written, cleanly packaged and well thought out.

The transcription is clear, making the two works sound as though they were conceived for the organ.