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Who is rhian ramos dating now

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After a highly publicized breakup with radio jock Mo Twister that caused a career hiatus, actress Rhian Ramos is back in a new prime time teleserye and with a new boyfriend to boot.

A common quality in my showbiz friends is that they’re kinda weird. Glaiza De Castro: Personally, I really like the lipstick – the bathroom scene. We were kind of still at that stage of feeling each other out. We decided to do the video interview while waiting for her “girlfriend” Rhian. First answer: “secret” Glaiza De Castro: But seriously, like I told them earlier, the end of TRMD definitely isn’t the end for Ra Stro. Right now…Even though TRMD still isn’t over, we’re already making plans for what to do in August, for September… In our video interview (posted below) with Glaiza, she talks about her ‘getting stronger’ relationship with Rhian, her thoughts about Marian Rivera (originally cast as Rhian’s character at The Rich Man’s Daughter), and her fans popularly known as the Ra Stro Rebels: Again, here’s an English transcript translation below courtesy of The Rich Man’s Daughter Fan: ORANGE MAGAZINE: What will happen to the both of you after the show? ORANGE MAGAZINE: Do you consider that as the most difficult scene or are there others? Glaiza De Castro: You were telling me that you couldn’t do it anymore. Glaiza De Castro: Or the lapel (mic) has a problem. Rhian Ramos: Sometimes let’s say if the camera’s out of focus or the lighting is wrong or something like that. Glaiza arrived an hour later but we fully understand her because we are aware that she’s doing an album showcase that time at Starmall EDSA and she was regularly updating us thru our Viber group chat.

She came in still dressed up, looking a bit tired because of her gigs, but was still completely warm and bubbly.

ORANGE MAGAZINE: So what are your favorite romantic scenes in the show? Rhian Ramos: That was my first day and also ours working together.

Then after that scene wrapped, we were already crying and everything and the emotions were still there. Then in the middle of the scene, you remember, “Oh!

She have this aura that makes you want to listen to her as if she was your best friend.

What we really love about Glaiza is that she is so natural and accommodating. She talks freely and she says everything from her heart. And you know, we don’t want them to get used to settling for just “hopia”(false hope) So yeah, we’re thinking of things we’re certain will…

But lucky for us, Rhian Ramos and Glaiza De Castro still pushed thru with the mini celebration despite their hectic schedules.