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Vcenter converter host key can t be retrieved

vcenter converter host key can t be retrieved-25

It's free and relatively simple to set up if all you want to do is use it as a conversion target.

vcenter converter host key can t be retrieved-62

In your case if you want to use Converter you can build an ESXi host and use that as the target.I am trying to get what I thought was an easy process working. I have a remote linux server (running Debian) that I would like to turn into a VM so that I can do testing on it rather than the production server. I went to the "convert machine" wizard, chose Powered-on machine, entered my remote machine details. And why can't I just convert the VM and save it on the computer that I am running the converter program on?Clicking next shows that it correctly connects to my remote linux box. If I do have to use a vmware infrastructure destination, I am confused at what ESX is, why and how I use it.Then the converter should be able to connect to the SOURCE machine via regular channels (ie.ssh / vmware mgmt port, etc.) Hope this helps Yeah, I understand about connecting to my source(the physical machine I want to convert), and that works fine. By default the monitoring interval for a service is 5 minutes.

Thus, a node with fewer services will appear in a smaller box than a node with more services.

On a detected service outage, the interval is reduced to 30 seconds for 5 minutes.

To detect also short services outages, caused for example by automatic network rerouting, the downtime model can be used.

The Converter User Guide is available here and has all of the details you need. Install ESXi to a USB key, pop it into some PC that allows you to boot from USB.

If you don't want to use the local drives on the PC you can export an NFS share from another server and wire up the ESXi server to use the NFS share to store the converted VM. ESX and ESXi are standalone Type 1 Hypervisor products. The client can run anywhere, and just connects to a server somewhere.

Now, on the next screen, for Destination type, it enters "WMWare Infrastructure virtual machine", and I can't change this. Any help with this process would be more than appreciated! It basically involves 4 systems: 1) System where you install the Standalone Converter (e.g.