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The computer must be restarted before updating can continue adobe

the computer must be restarted before updating can continue adobe-15

To open the Windows Update Control Panel tool, press the Windows key on your computer, type “Update” without quotes, and click the Windows Update shortcut that appears.On Windows 8, you’ll have to click the Settings option before you see the Windows Update shortcut.

the computer must be restarted before updating can continue adobe-39

If you notice this, you can uninstall updates from the Windows Control Panel.Even more obnoxiously, you can only postpone the shutdown for up to four hours at a time.If you need to use your computer all day without rebooting, you’ll have to keep clicking the Postpone button.Whatever you do, don’t disable Windows Update completely — it’s important to have the latest updates to stay secure online. This article lists the known issues found in your Trend Micro Security software. If you don’t know the answer to that, you should — Windows Update keeps Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes The code that makes up the Windows operating system contains security loop holes, errors, incompatibilities, or outdated software elements. Security patches and updates fix the vulnerabilities..., ensuring your computer is as secure as possible.

However, Windows Update can also cause problems — particularly by nagging you to reboot when you’re trying to use your computer and automatically restarting your computer overnight.

We covered this when we looked at examples of useful registry hacks The Windows registry can be scary at first glance.

It’s a place where power users can change a wide variety of settings that aren’t exposed elsewhere.

You could also change the same registry key or set Windows 8 to only install updates when you choose to work around this, just on Windows 7.

If you’re updating manually, you can click the “updates are available” text in the Windows Update window and see what updates will be applied.

Click each update to view more information, if you like. To have Windows ignore an update in the future, just right-click that specific update and select Hide update.