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Socially conservative school boards may equate talking to kids about condoms to a tacit endorsement of underage sex, for example.

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It was a little better pay than what I was making, so I went for it. Before I stepped in front of a classroom, my training consisted of a single day I spent shadowing the health teacher, who I’d be replacing. I’d gotten an emergency teaching credential that allowed me work so long as I attended night classes where I learned how to actually be a teacher.Because at the time Clovis Unified offered an abstinence-only curriculum and didn’t provide medically accurate information about contraception, a Fresno County Superior Court judge ruled that Clovis Unified violated state law.He called accurate sexual education “an important public right.” An Atlantic story last year showed that Clovis Unified was wasn’t alone in its apathy toward science: “While every state engages in some form of sex education for public schoolchildren, only 13 of them have laws requiring that, if such a curriculum is offered, it must be medically accurate and based on scientific evidence.Recommended for audiences 16 and older : Adult themes, language, and nudity.This is the first full school year under new state rules that require students be taught about contraception, HIV prevention and other sexual health topics.That includes providing students with medically accurate information about contraception, HIV prevention and general information about healthy relationships.

Yet, in spite of the new requirements, one local high school student is still wondering what sex ed instruction is supposed to look like at their school.

Some of the more notable changes relate to a more inclusive view of same-sex relationships and gender norms.

Paige Metz, who coordinates instruction and curriculum for the San Diego Office of Education, named a few ways instruction will change: • Sexual health education must be comprehensive, medically accurate, age appropriate and appropriate for students with disabilities, English-learners and for students of all races, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientation.

But that didn’t mean I had any idea what I was doing.

Before he vanished, the outgoing teacher shoved a tattered edition of a health book into my hands, told me to follow the simple lesson plans he put together, then wished me luck. “I heard that, like, if you don’t got the condoms, you can use the plastic wraps, or the Saran wraps, and that works just as good.” “No.

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