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Although Malaysia doesn't want to become part of the convention, our country will continue to give any assistance needed by the refugees based on humanitarian grounds.

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Terminology is also obscured because of law in Malaysia (Immigration Act 1959/63), where there is no distinction between undocumented economic migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, or trafficked persons, with members of all groups designated as illegal immigrants.

By the 5th century, networks of these towns had evolved into organised political spheres of influence that was defined by its centre rather than its borders.

At the periphery, control is less certain, borders may become permeable, control sometimes overlapped, where areas could be subject to several powers, or none.

For most of human history people were free to move between regions.

Malaysia's first generation of migrants consisted of indigenous peoples, the Orang Asli, believed either to have been among the first wave of human migration from Africa around 50,000 years ago, or to belong to the more recent events of Asian human evolution.

Other significant early migrants are those now classified as Melayu Anak Dagang: non-Malays that migrated to the region and later assimilated into Malay culture (contrasted with Melayu Anak Jati: ethnic Malays that are native to the region): It is however, pertinent to put the record straight that migration of people to the artificially created enclave known as Malaysia today dated back to centuries. In Malaysia of course official ideology requires that 62% of the population be regarded as ‘sons of the soil’, defined in racial terms rather than place of birth.