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I enjoy kayaking, walking, travelling and socialising.“The next thing I knew, he forced himself on top of me and raped me. “Every time he would just get up, walk away and carry on as if everything was just totally normal.He’d never say a word about it, as if it never happened.” It was at school in February 1979 that Caroline plucked up the courage to tell her teacher what had happened to her.I also have an 8month old baby girl who is my world! So if your just gunna **** me around be gone already...cheers?? Ive been single for 5/6 years and feel its time to meet someone new Hey, my names melissa, I'm 30 And I have 3 kids , they are my world, I've had such rubbish relationships, and don't want to be messed around anymore, life's too short!I wear my heart on my sleeve and I just want to meet my soul mate :) Hi, my name is sam i am 32 and from southampton.“I had woken up and climbed into mum and dad’s double bed like any other time. Dad pulled me towards him and started play fighting with me but all of a sudden, he put his hands under my nightie and touched me. Afterwards you just freeze, you become numb.” Terrified, Caroline hoped the abuse by her controlling father would never happen again, but it did, and it got worse. Instead of guarding me from the monsters, dad was a monster.” Caroline, pictured below as a child, describes losing interest in life as her living hell continued for two years in the family home in Fritham Road, Harefield, as well as in Wales when her dad abused her on a family holiday.

“I was in his bed one morning having cuddles and he started tickling my back. Farmer, who worked as a labourer, often abused his daughter after tucking her in at bedtime and once even sneaked into the bedroom she shared with her sister at night and sexually assaulted her while she slept.

It was only decades later that Caroline plucked up the courage to report what happened and bring her dad to justice.

The mum-of-four was in court to see the 71-year-old, pictured below, sentenced to 12 years in jail for rape and sexual assaults over a two-year period.

Like any other kids, we would jump into bed with mum and dad in the morning.

You’d think nothing of it at that age.” However one morning, her innocent care-free life ended.

It was no longer a dirty secret that was swept under the carpet.” Caroline, who has an older sister and two brothers, said family life had always been normal.