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I am currently negotiating with the IBNS to make use of a website similar to theirs. South Africa has a family of five bank note denominations and the R200 note remains the highest denomination."Tags: South Africa The governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni, is scheduled to step down in November.Furthermore I will try to get sponsors to finance the website. If I have failed to contact anyone that you know that may be interested in joining please, forward this letter to them as well. Mboweni, the first black man in the formerly racially segregated South Africa to have his signature on a South African banknote, is to be replaced by Gill Marcus, chairwoman of the South African commercial bank Absa. His departure clears the way for a new signature variety for South Africa.

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According to a press release dated 11 February 2012 (22 years after Nelson Mandela was freed), the South African Reserve Bank is in the process of producing a new series of banknotes which “will have the same denominations, sizes, and colors but the front of all notes will carry a specially designed engraving of former President Nelson Mandela.There is currently no official collectors forum for banknotes in South Africa that I am aware of. For those of you who are not familiar with the IBNS, please visit and see what it is all about. Tags: South Africa According to an article dated 17 October 2009, the South African Reserve Bank has refuted a rumor circulating via email claiming that the bank is about to issue a 500-rand (US$68) note.My idea is to run this society as the IBNS does: totally electronically. At this stage, membership will be free, but we may have to charge a small fee at a later stage to cover the website. Robertina Mbedzi, assistant communications practitioner at the Reserve Bank, said "The bank is currently not planning to issue a R500 note in the future and we are unaware of how this e-mail came about.The reverse side of each denomination will have an image of one of the big five [lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino].” The new notes are expected to be issued “towards the end of 2012.”Additional information and images are requested so that this report can be confirmed. Tags: South Africa According to an article in Times Live dated 9 July 2011, the South African Reserve Bank has outsourced printing of the 100-rand note to Sweden following the discovery of missing security features on notes previously printed by the SA Bank Note Company.Other problems with other denominations have left the SABN presses sitting idle since February.Omron rings appear to be randomly positioned design elements, but in fact can be detected by modern computer hardware and software to restrict the editing and printing of banknote images. Tags: South Africa According to a press release dated 30 October 2012, on 6 November the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) plans to issue a new series of banknotes in South Africa and in neighboring countries (Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland) that use the South African Rand as an alternative currency.

feature a portrait of former president Nelson Mandela on front, while the back of the notes have maintained the “Big Five” animal images that appear on current banknotes.

The current and the new banknotes are the same size, have the same colors, and will co-circulate as legal tender. Tags: South Africa According to an article on News24dated , the South Africa Reserve Bank shreaded more than 3.6 million 100-rand (US$12) notes printed by Crane Currency’s Swedish division (Tumba Bruk) because they have the same serial numbers as a batch printed by the South African Bank Note Company.

In addition, the notes printed in Sweden aren’t the right color, and they are one millimeter short.

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