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Pal and dating thailand

It is not something invented by intellectuals is what I am saying', sys M/s Boonkong.

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It is estimated that the connection rate for Thai people will now increase dramatically beyond a predicted figure of 35% in 2013.This is due to the phenomenal sales on tablet PCs in Thailand.'In 2013 alone it is predicted that sales will exceed 6 million units.However in Thailand, these operators are now targeting Thai women who through inexperience or because of their cultural upbringing, are often unaware of the dangers,' says James Holland from Bangkok.There are two kinds of International dating sites in Thailand, paid for or Premium dating sites and Free dating sites.'The internet is a window of opportunity for a growing number of Thai women and international Thai dating sites are a big part of this', says Ms Boonkong.

Thai women have led the race in the use of the internet to find love online.

Thai dating sites have emerged that offer Thai singles a range of communication tools such as chat, e-mail and matching to meet friends and develop relationships.

The leading Thai dating sites are also international in character such has been the interest from western men in meeting Thai women.

This also includes meeting friends and partners from foreign countries.

'It's curious that we have sites like Facebook and Skype that work with sites like Thai Love Lines but international Thai dating is a specific requirement', says Carla Boonkong.

'It's a very interesting and fascinating coincidence or phenomenon, you have two marginalized groups of people coming on the one hand from Thailand and predominantly women and on the other hand males from western countries who are looking for an opportunity to find love, it's quite wonderful if you think about it that way.