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In the 19th century the British constructed a Roman-based alphabet that is in general use today.It differs slightly from that used in Indonesia, which was developed by the Dutch, but the resulting variations in spelling are in fact the only difference between the two languages.

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Malay has many 'numerical coefficients' called penjodoh bilangan such as orang (for man), ekor (for animals), biji (for fruits), buah (for large or irregular-shaped objects) and even for nuts and bolts. to hyphenate at the end of syllables (suku kata), not in the middle, e.g. When words are split over lines, the syllables should be broken down by syllabic structure ie 'ber-lari', not 'be-rlari'Malay is spoken principally in Malaysia and, to a lesser extent, in neighbouring Thailand and Singapore.

Before 1945 its speakers extended through much of the Indonesian archipelago, but with the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia the Malay of that country was designated Indonesian.

It is the official and national language in Malaysia where it is also known as Bahasa Malasia, and is the mother tongue of about 10 million people, or about half the total population.

Speakers in Thailand number one million, in Singapore 250,000.

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