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Lankan actress girl number

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She is a wonderful Lady, and I cry just thinking about her in 'Ragaye Unusuma'. She has beautiful legs and I relly enjoy myself looking those legs. Have you ever seen TTP (Thani Thatuwhen Piyabanna)? Upeksha Swarnamali is the Masturbator's Dream Actress! Anusha not only has Big Boobs & Large Buttocks, but every single time she is acting, she wears the right Brassiere and the right Panty with confidence! Her Nude Acting deserves more Janadhipathi, Raigam & Sumathi Awards! I would rate her only behind the Queen herself: Sumana Gomez and no one else. Piyumi Shanika Botheju The Biggest Areola's in the Business!There couldn't be a more beautiful, kind, loving, and talented actress out there. Anoma Janadari Anoma 'the Naked' Janadari (Jangi Janadari)! The only other girls who can give a challenge to her are Thanuja Weerasooriya & Damitha Abeyrathna Sobitha! It's pathetic and shame to the whole country to see Gayana'ugly' Sudarshani as the 2nd, Jangi Janadari as 3rd, Paba at 5th, Nadeesha Hemamali Vesi at 8th & Damitha Aberathna Sobitha at 9th... Her Breasts might not be the Biggest (Both Anusha Damayanthi & Nirdha Uyanhewa have bigger ones) but her Areola's are!

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She must have done it with more than 100 men & women with that body of hers.Sapna is very athletic & her body movements are gentle & fluid.Her body & curves were well balanced to play those roles in Age daiwaya & Mata thama mathakai. Remember my website is not a look up and hook up site, that is why I do not post the numbers directly.I simply research respectable sites (listed below) and you need to use a balance of romantic idealism and moral restraint, to transform the initial spark into love marriage.Too many favorites to mention, 'Ege Vairaya 4' the best recent one. Had some of the best lesbian scenes of my life with her on screen :)I'm Damitha Sobitha (Damitha Abeyratne Sobitha) Manisha Namalgama Manisha Shyamali Namalgama has graced every corner of the industry with dramas, films and commercials. Eyes, Lips, Hair, Breasts, Buttocks, Vagina and her Beautiful pubic hair! Nayana Kumari (Patta Vesi) Some call it 'Blowjob', others 'Fellatio', a few 'lollipop love' and the rest 'domer'...

'Ragaye unusuma' is superb because it stars 2 of the greatest Srilankan Actresses of all time: Sumana Gomas & Anusha Damayanthi. She is a current talking point of the masses, and with her unique style, is highly appreciated by her fans. Semini Iddamalgoda The only actress which you can really watch and hand hit (Athe gahanna) SEMINI rules! But whatever you call it, there is no Actress in Sri Lanka who does it better than Nayana Kumari!

She was so inspirational that there was an Era where Sri Lankan Schoolgirls pasted her Photographs from those 2 Movies in their School Text books!

I know that Hundreds of Girls who did that are visitors of the top tens website.

Her ability to captivate the audience is unmatched.

All her tears, all her sweat & all her vaginal secretions tell you how much effort & dedication she puts towards the characters which we enjoyed over so many years!

She is the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my whole life.