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Is peyton list dating anyone

Peyton List: Well, the interesting thing about this week’s upcoming episode is there is something different about her. We pick up [in] this next episode exactly where we left off. It completely throws Stephen when he realizes that his brother may be breaking out and it’s right in front of him. is not entirely sure what kind of leader she wants to be and how she will make her decisions and we’ve seen her kind of go back and forth between ‘do nothing’ and ‘full speed ahead.’ I think she’s trying to figure out (like we saw John struggle with) – with some breakouts, is it better to leave it up to Ultra, or is it better to bring them in regardless of what they’ve done or regardless of how dangerous they might be? John wants to save him and Cara is urging caution in the preview, which is kind of interesting.

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Even Miranda — who plays Lou — she and I are best friends.I think there’s a really fun relationship there and I think it’s really fantastic that they did that photo.In the pilot episode of “Frequency,” the new CW drama based on the 2000 sci-fi movie of the same name, Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith, “Nashville,” “90210”) comes to a startling realization: his 28-year-old daughter Raimy (Peyton List, “Mad Men,” “The Tomorrow People”) — who he is talking to 20 years in the future, thanks to a freakish ham radio — is older than he is.Access: Stephen Amell is social media savvy and he and Willa Holland posted a photo of them doing a ‘Tomorrow People’ style moment where someone is tossed through space.Is there a rivalry between your two camps or a thing where you all play with each other? We have a very good relationship with ‘Arrow’ because we share so many people in common and we’re in Vancouver as well. I think it’s a sibling relationship, especially since we share the same night right now and they’ve been on the air for a year longer and because Stephen and Robbie are cousins.To hear Peyton tell it, Serinda’s incoming character not only has connections to Ultra’s top brass, but she has some powers worthy of “TTP” golden boy Stephen.

PHOTOS: ‘The Tomorrow People’ — Scenes From Season 1 During a chat with , Peyton addressed the new challenges coming to our subway-dwelling super-humans and hinted that Cara’s leadership is about to alter her romantic relationship with on-again/off-again boyfriend John (Luke Mitchell). It’s hard to say because if you’re dealing with a paranormal that’s stronger than they are, sometimes they don’t know if it’s better to watch and see what happens. So, when we meet this new breakout in the upcoming episode, you see them kind of trying to figure out what to do because this is a very powerful breakout, and any time they try to do something new, there might be something that goes terribly wrong. Access: And it looks like something that might go terribly wrong involves Stephen being strapped to a chair at Ultra.

But the goat kept making noises, so we would have to pause and continue on once it stopped.

I ended up continuing to act while it was making its noises.

One that Smith didn’t help List with: her memorable “Mad Men” role as Jane, the secretary-turned-wife of Roger Sterling (John Slattery).

“They would put the fear of God in you that you would never share any of your sides [of scenes],” she says of “Mad Men.” “I never told anyone what was going on because I never wanted to get in trouble. working the next morning so that they didn’t have to redo four hours of work,” she adds.

on The CW) mirrors the plot of the movie starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, though the parental relationship has switched to a father and daughter.