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Inconsistent fico line item data for updating

We do this by looking at SAP Simple Finance – SAP’s next-generation Financials solution that for the first time does accounting without materialized views powered by SAP HANA.We are going to explore why materialized views and materialized aggregates are no longer necessary and how removing redundant data storage in a non-disruptive manner improves transactional throughput and lowers storage costs without compromising analysis performance.

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ORDERID = "4001462"; //Fill up Account Tax account Tax[0] = new BAPIACTX01(); account Tax[0]. Winshuttle solutions can greatly simplify the time-consuming process of updating SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FI/CO) data.Accounting teams often need to move large amounts of data from Excel spreadsheets to SAP. AMT_DOCCUR = (decimal)-300.0000; //currency Amt[1]. AMT_BASE = (decimal)0.0000; currency Amt[2] = new BAPIACCR01(); currency Amt[2]. BAPI_ACC_BILLING_POST(ref account Gl, ref account Receivable, ref account Tax, ref criteria, ref currency Amt, customer Pcd, document Header, ref ext1, ref bapi Return, ref sales Amt, ref sales Order, ref value Field, out obj Sys, out obj Type); Any help on this will be of great help.thanks.Query usability improvement opportunities (over SE16, SQVI or SQ01) include a broad range of financial reports including accounts receivable aging reports, accounts payable vendor reports – invoicing reports, and fixed asset management reports including depreciation reports, asset status reports, and asset aging updates.

All, I am getting "FI/CO Interface: Inconsistent FI/CO Document Header data for updating" for certain expense postings when I run RPRPOSTD.

TAX_RATE = (decimal)10.000;//TODO: check for necessary // Fill up currency amount for all the above currency Amt[0] = new BAPIACCR01(); currency Amt[0].

AMT_BASE = (decimal)0.0000; currency Amt[1] = new BAPIACCR01(); currency Amt[1].

AMT_BASE = (decimal)300.0000; string obj Sys = ""; string obj Type = ""; obj Key = srv.

Hi everyone, I'm also facing this problem when uploading the data into for TCode FB01.

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