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In the eyes of your customers, there is no difference between contacting your business directly on your website or through your Facebook page.They will expect the same level of service no matter which channel they pick.

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By creating a playbook that goes over the most common situations and ways to handle them, you can ensure that all your customers receive the same, high level of service no matter which channel they pick.After all, your business on Facebook and on your website is the same thing in the eyes of customers.That can get a bit tricky with the cumbersome Facebook interface that simply is not suited to creating good customer service.Whenever someone accesses this option, a chat window from your Live Chat will open straight on Facebook. If you still don’t have one, we have a free, 30-day trial you can use to give Live Chat on your Facebook Fan Page a go.At the same time, one of your agents will be able to answer the chat from the Live Chat application. You also need to have Administrator privileges on your fan page.In their eyes, it’s fast, convenient, they don’t have to look for contact long and they can reach almost every business from a single platform.

As a business, you should be ready to answer the questions streaming from Facebook with the same level of detail and care as you would do on your own website.

This, combined with the Live Chat for Facebook Fan Pages, will allow you to manage the entirety of your Facebook customer straight from Live Chat.

Head on to the Tickets from Facebook integration page for more information and a tutorial on how to set it up.

Although Facebook wasn’t created with customer service in mind, it doesn’t mean you should offer different level of service on the social platform.

Here’s a couple of points you should keep in mind when offering support on your Facebook fan page.

In addition to posting a short message on your friend's "Wall" or updating your status, you can post a personal webcam video on Facebook. For privacy reasons, Facebook requests permission to access your webcam and microphone.