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Honrny sex apps

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After months of research, I decided to focus on redirecting today's sexual culture away from the epidemics of rampantly spreading sexually transmitted diseases and infections, unplanned pregnancies and sexual miscommunication issues.I realized I needed to create a phone app as an alternative communication tool that would encourage informed and safe decision-making, while still appealing to the millennial and Generation Z lifestyles – the only way to connect directly with youth and young adults today is by their smartphones, and the most advanced method to the masses right now is through apps. Yes to Sex allows individuals to quickly confirm consent facts, agree on protection, verbalize and save decisions in as little as 25 seconds before sexual activities.

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Next, partners must agree on which protection they prefer, from “Nothing” to “Condom & Birth Control” or the app will not allow them to continue.This app also asks each individual to agree on contraception, a safe word and indicate their "sexual mood", such as horny, wild, flirtatious, sweet, tingly, and playful.However, the app, which only takes 25 seconds to save all the relevant information, doesn’t require users to input any personal information, including names, phone numbers, emails or photos.I learned from my student advisory group that there could be absolutely no videos, photos or social media connecting users to the app, so no sign-up or sensitive information is stored. These records cannot be erased or altered, and they can only be retrieved by the partners with court-endorsed or quasi-judicial orders if a situation arises, ensuring peace of mind for both parties.Once a user closes out of the app, no information remains saved on any phone; however, the date, time, place, decisions and voice recordings are stored on Yes to Sex's secure servers, using the same data encryption as the U. Could this app kill the romance during a sexual encounter?Users are encouraged to leave the app open in case someone changes their mind during the encounter – this way the change can be recorded with two clicks.

Without compromising privacy, users digitally and verbally agree, or are able to say no to very important considerations pre-sex – consent and protection.

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Yes to Sex is the world’s first safe sexual consent app with protection choices, safe words and secure, non-traceable verbal consents.

Like a speed bump, Yes to Sex is permanently here now, making everyone in today’s world a little more thoughtful pre-sex and during sex – that is romantic.– By Daniel Casillas Roger Stone, a former campaign adviser to President Donald Trump, says communication he had last year with the Russian-connected hacker responsible for the Democratic National Committee email hacking was "innocuous." Stone confirmed he exchanged direct messages on Twitter with user Guccifer 2.0 last August, telling the Washington Times the conversations were “so perfunctory, brief and banal I had forgotten it.” Guccifer 2.0 is an online persona that has claimed responsibility for the DNC hacks....

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This app aims to make all sexual partners stop and think for a few seconds to reduce sexual assault issues due to miscommunication and to decrease the chances of getting or spreading the more than one million sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which are acquired worldwide each day. When users open the app, they are brought to a screen where each partner chooses his or her gender and sexual mood, such as: “Sensual”, “Excited”, “Tingly”, and “Thrilled”.