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Larrl Thomas, John Bromfield's ex-wife, is consoling Leo Durochcr over the saying "NOP W4H,r Winchall-"Clara Ward ll eut-greuing all competition." N.w,w,k "Cla'i Ward and Tha Ward Smgart will pour out rhhmie and ametional muiic for audianeai with a hungar lor It." loi Angalai Timai "POWEBFUL, POLISHED, SUPESS! 17 MEMORIAL HALL TIc Ma New GIMBEIS HORNEJ Baldwin Piano Ca. $3 15 $3.30 $2.75 $2.20 Phone Orders: Eipreu 1-1414 ( till she met himl) FAIR GROUND Irnwnnllll P4 ta Intlk P1ADOW" Al' DIE ML' RPHY TERRY MOORR La.t Tlmaa Tonlrht Don'l Mlia It ' "MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT" Kim Novak "OILDA" R, Hayworth, Glann Ford Rnrk Ra(tonii, Jran8lmmna "THIS EARTH IS MINE" Cine.-Tech. i i t Angle Dickinson is consoling Director Howard Hawks over the bust-up of his marriage to Donna (Dee) Hig-gins.

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Paul Hartman, the comedy dancer, draws a straight dramatic assignment in the Stanley Kramer1 picture, "Inherit the Wind," with Spencer Tracy, Frederic March and Gene Kelley. rwm unci EOI SHOWntll i i Iv W I X w V - F ' VV ."7 a I ' ' . l ,; y lars her royalty payments In THE STORY Of IIMON PETEW Of OALIIII Ttcaa Va Hf . ITWhm Uaaa) CHOICI SIATS AT IOX OPICI FOR ALL PEKPONMANCIS NOWI , a TJk Pk VII TODAY 2 P. Lenny Lltman dropped some shekels on his Tsksra-tuka promotion at the Mosque Saturday night . Narnanllla O.kmont 2525 0 Swedish Triumph At the Shady side in Oakland with the J. and with Mary Riedel in the title role, the cast also includes Shirley Gusky, Leonard Chiavetta, Saundra Thren-hauser, Thomas O' Leary, Harry O' Toole, Anthony Polite, Carol Murray and Herbert Von Derau. Jamaa Blaarart Klra Norak-Jark Ltimnoa DOI BLE" THRILL SHOW! Inbal, the Dance Theater of Israel, has arrived In New York for another tour of the United States and Canada. benefactor and patriarch to maintain the group's cultural and physical isolation. Susan Kohner will join Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner and Pearl Bailey in the cast of "Ever for Each Other." Shooting starts late next month. Joan Tetzel is returning to the stage this season in John Dos Passos' "U. "The Golden Age of Pericles Pappas" deals with a present day Greek-American colony In a mldw Mtrrn city and the efforts of its . Laurence Harvey Is thinking of doing "Cyrano de Bergerae" next summer at the Old Vic. pjlla Hjl J'j Hajirj'ilil tilt' Lam T.rnar, John Gala "IMITATION OF LIFE" In Color ! v.n a.-w "THE CRAWLINQ EYE ' so they met each other halfway!

Hartley Manners comedy, "Peg O' My Heart." It'll run through Saturday.

1 Lmio EVENING ...2.20 1.50 MATINEI ...1,10 1.2S Chl Kr. ITHttn LK Thtatro Ph Phona EXprass 1-3447 far (rvatiem u NOW SHOWING rupees will bring. Julius La Rona really ' e'ts them out on his new Roulette album, "On the Sunny Side." It's Julie fsr and away at his best.

i tntiowwsitc touwr 01 1 in the who U blazing story of the greatest crimefighters of all!

tlaiaioai "THIS EAPTH IS MINE" 4 "THE MYSTEPIANS" ARSENAL Lavrrniivllla Mil. PY HALO' S STARTS tuiidc ROWLAND Wilkiak.r fe. lint Kmlll "THE TALL MEN" cealed) sex ap- , peal for her , OFTEN SETTLE FOR A LOT LESS! Former Pittsburgh record promotion gal Jo Mc Entycr, row operating out of Hollywood, has booked her singer, Ed Townsrnd, into the Town House, where he oppns October 31. to let her wear on a lv snow ,nr, innony Musle Guild ol Pittsburgh- one of the reasons they parted company? ABC ALL-STAR ROCK' N ROLL SHOW "CO, JOHNNY, GO" "THE CRAWLING EYE" ta 88 karmaa Amarll M 4 iooktitar Latt Tlmaa Tnnlfht Don't Mlaa It "MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT" Kim Novak "OILDA" R. It seems she got hold of a 1944 movie fan magazine and noticed that very few of the stars whose phizzes appear in it are still around. Helghhoalas-andalso-lack-aday The World Series (or somethin') kept Frank Sinatra away from "Can-Can" for a whole day. "4 SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE" ' CA.r A LONO SHADOW AUDIb MURPHY - TEBRY MOORB BLUE DELL Pill. Theodore (Ted) Galanter, who used to make Pittsburgh a regular stop on his publicity BROOKSIDE 0 Irani, lilt lay Wttfarl ant; Siaittl.y.

Andy Williams' light cue list (he comes in November 2) has sent John Bertera out after some additional spots and a lot of new electrical equipment for the Holiday House. As a result, most of Martha and Don are on the cutting-room floor. Gina Lollobrigina but can t find her at any of her Spaghet- 1 tisburg addresses to tell her she's wanted back for re-takes on "Solomon and Sheba." The picture is okay for Europe but and tha I C', i' WARD t0 ) SINGERS i&0 United States censors wont permit it to be shown here be cause ol Louos unconcealed navel. " Tuesday Weld is taking typing in 20th-Fox's Little Stucco Schoolhouse this season. Allen Smith's new hook, an offbeat example of haute couture titled "Waikiki Beach-nik." Billet stuck in a milk hot.

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