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Frugal dating

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This was said on the very last day of our 17-day road trip.By this point, we had spent over 51 hours in the car driving out to the East Coast and back (with stops along the way, of course! We learned a thing or two about how to pass the time well.

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We held back a special activity for each of the longest days (pulled out conveniently when needed i.e. This takes discipline and the ability to hide some of the fun materials out of sight until required, but it's so worth it.By the way: is it illegal for a small boy to pee on his own parents van?Because we had to do that - right next to a New York State Trooper.2) Aluminum Foil Sculptures and Fashions: As malleable as play dough without the mess.Robin tore off and handed back sheets as needed (to avoid kids cutting themselves).Here's our Survival Guide to the Family Road Trip: Activities for Kids.

After you assemble your activities, don't let the kids have access to everything all at once.

(Rather than 15 minutes later - which is sooo frustrating.) Our 6-year old son learned on this trip that he needed to give us way more heads up than "about to burst" when he needed a stop.

After the first couple near accidents, we coached him regularly to "check in with himself to see if he needed to go".

Our brand new LEGO book has 50 building ideas with parts lists and step by step instructions.

Check it out here: Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have.

We collected the following for our trip: Nintendo DSi, hand-me-down i Pod Touch, our second-hand i Pad and a borrowed i Pad. Likely the i Pod touch with cheap ($.99) games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope that you can buy once and transfer to multiple devices (including the i Pad).