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Diablo profile not updating

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If there’s something else you’d like to see appear in a character profile, please make sure to let us know in the comments below or on our website forums. Before comparing, please make sure that: - follower is dismissed - all passive skills that increase your DPS are disabled - all active buffs are disabled Please double-check that passive skills are disabled: Demon Hunters - Archery, Steady Aim Wizards - Glass Cannon Barbarians - Weapons Master Witch Doctors - Pierce the Veil etc If there is still significant difference, please send email to admin[at]including your battletag and DPS in-game.

(I JUST put a new IK helm on my barb "Vill Brann" that is showing on the official site yet the update time remains the same as above.) I tried to import on this site and got the "everything looks the same"... At the moment my profile is last updated on 03/24/2015 but I played on 25th and 26th. It's annoying to grab outdated informations from API. Last night, about 12 hours ago, I leveled my monk from level 51 to 70 and got a couple decent legendaries. For example, my legendary gem levels got updated, but not my other gear. Still would be nice to have it update as soon as we leave game, like it did previously. This morning, I logged on before work and did a couple rifts. When I got to work (about 1 hour later), the armory already had my paragon level updated.That substantiates the very point which you're claiming is incorrect.dude, that u have 28k posts what does this mean?that you understand whats goin on with the site if you are not a developer? if you are not a developer and not support please not spamm here.It's not 'supposed' to update every time, it isn't broken and it won't be fixed.It updates as often as is feasible - no more, no less.Would you accept Wo W posts as relevant, or suggest people paying a monthly subscription are deliberately offered an inferior service?

I'm not going to waste my time searching for D3 blue posts on your behalf - if you want some, you can go find them yourself.

It's really annoying because I'm upgrading a lot after 1.0.5 but I can't really use D3Bit or Asiangamer because of it.

Now they are updated on the second day, what makes them pointless. If you were viewing the EU forums your "View Profile" would point to... you were viewing the US forums your "View Profile" would point to... sure you're viewing the profile page(s) for the same region that your heroes are post, fresh bump, my seasonal char doesn't seem to level as fast on profile as he does ingame : D (and by "level" i mean the whole profile been stuck on lvl36 for few days now regardless of numerous times of logging and playing)For several days after the patch went live, when looking at profiles in e.g.

Looking at my profile currently that monk is still showing as level 51. Today nothing updated, not even paragon level from my session last night (logged off 8 hours ago). I didn't change any gear so not sure if that updated as quick, but at least me paragon level was updated. Me and my 2 other friends created new characters in the US servers, and we can't see our character profiles in the forum pages.

Here is the hero in question demon hunter also took over a full day to update before this. Looks like it never updated the API since we created is my profile: Nihilo-2449/i can see my EU character just fine(when i replace the US.with eu.*) .

I for one wouldn't have come this far without this advantage.