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Delhi dating places

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Delhi is at its prettiest in winter, as terraces open up and you can soak in some much-needed romance.I am firmly of the opinion that if the person is right, the place doesn’t matter. And even sharing a bowl of ramen at a neighbourhood eatery or some dodgy cake at a local café can be a totally worthwhile experience. If you really want to impress you date with good taste, look no further than this contemporary Asian restaurant. There are intimate niches where you can dine in privacy, but make the most of the good season and book a table on the terrace.

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So, lucky you if you're in Delhi for Valentine’s Day!There is also some great Thai food upstairs to complete the date.The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author.Just hold each other’s hands and talk about what life and love means to you; you’d be surprised at how spiritual beauty makes you.Cupid’s tip: Pop in at Chaudharyji’s shop in KC market for a hot jalebi!There are a number of places to take your sweetheart out for a date, that are not the usual balloons and Thermocol hearts cliché.

Here are our best suggestions where you can celebrate that warm, fuzzy feeling this Valentine's day in Delhi: There is nothing more soothing to a tired eye than an expanse of green strewn with flowers.

Oh, and the chef is also gifted when it comes to making cocktails. This is by far the most beautiful restaurant in the city.

The perfect combination of outdoor and indoor seating, the charm is hard to escape in the evenings, especially with the soft lighting. Chef Saby’s venture serves up Bengali-Armenian food and is thus quite an unusual choice that may earn you brownie points.

Lodi Garden and its gorgeous ruins take you back to a time when love was celebrated grandly.

Witness your heartbeats go up and time slow down at this beautiful garden near Khan Market.

Peacocks dance here in utter disregard and herds of deer roam freely in stubborn joy.