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But it is a different matter trying to make it successful.

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Try going out with the people you love and care about the most — watch movies together, go out to eat, take a day off from your busy life and just enjoy being you!Then ask what makes relationships good and what makes them bad?Along the way, if you need advice, feel free to contact us. And don’t forget, the relationship you can always boost up is the one you have with yourself!Online dating has become a very popular way for people to start relationships.It prov ides them with a wider scope in potentially finding an ideal partner for either a relationship or just for going out. But that does not mean that you cannot improve your chances of getting success one ... But for most people, the first one can also be stressful and nerve-wrecking.Laws vary from state to state so chat with a peer advocate to learn more.

If you are still unsure whether you’re in a healthy relationship, our Healthy Relationships Quiz can help you.

Consider these points as you move forward: Even though you cannot change your partner, you can make changes in your own life to stay safe.

Consider leaving your partner before the abuse gets worse.

However, possessiveness, insults, jealous accusations, yelling, humiliation, pulling hair, pushing or other negative, abusive behaviors, are — at their root — exertions of power and control.

Remember that abuse is always a choice and you deserve to be respected. If you think your relationship is unhealthy, it’s important to think about your safety now.

Whether you decide to leave or stay, make sure to use our safety planning tips to stay safe.