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Dating workaholic man

jeesh, it sounds corny but it was such a sweet ordeal. crazy ironic things happen when I am with him and when I went home I was expecti ng it to come to an end but no he texted me as soon as he dropped me off I had just walked in my apartment and bam!he told me his bed smelled like a pretty little red head had been there : P he really wanted me to stay but I could not I had to work....

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he told me that I am the sexist woman he ever met but am wondering who is the sexiest woman in Leo eyes I meant what her horoscope? I have been with him for about three years now, we have broken up many times. Would they rather you be near them so that they may get that center of attention.even though we have split we always miss each other so much. he is very stubborn in his ways but at the end of the day he gives the best love I can ask for. How do we find out if a Leo man is seriously hitting on you? I am a Cancer and I don't mind giving the attention to a Leo near or long distance. So, what a can I do to keep the communication going and interesting until we have best advice to lovers out there take care of your Leo and tell him how great he is (that's why your with him right? He never fails to make me laugh and I've heard he doesn't talk much to people at work but he seemed friendly to me. As a Cancer woman all you have to do is keep you emotions in check.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.I'm a Cancer woman and I've been with me Leo man since I was 14!Leo men protect their family to a fault, no one can say or do anything to me, he hates for me to cry or be sad, and he always finds a solution to make me happy same for my child.

So, Cancer ladies, we love to cook, and keep house for the most part, and are very caring and Leos love it. so much chemistry we actually slept together (as a Cancer woman, I have NEVER done that before) but the vibe was so strong. I have a good feeling but im going to do my best to play this by ear. I am a Cancer woman I am sort of seeing a Leo (we are on a small break) When I first found out he was a Cancer I was afraid I had a long relationship with a Leo about two years ago and he crushed me I cant even tell you how badly he screwed me over it was hard for me to move on from that and I frequently got afraid of relationships so I almost just stopped dating but a few months ago I started seeing people realized I missed the attention so anyways...

We are emotional and that is the price they have to pay to get and keep our affection, but if they love you they are gonna make sure you are happy. Other then that he likes to talk to a lot of women. But then he surrounds me with gift and he tells me he loves me! I thought it might have ended there but nope he called and stuff to check on me later the following day. our first date together was MAGICAL I thought I would get annoyed with him but wow we spent all day together I didn't go home till three in the morning and not by choice I had to work but our second date was the next day and I don't know what happened I guess the night went a little to well and well we had sex which is so not like me!

Go ahead, spend their money, be cute and don't forget stroke their ego, flatter them, you will have a very content Leo Lion at home and ready to keep you happy. :) he is 2 years older then me, so he's always around me! I'm following the advice here and not being my usual Cancer self and clinging to him (i.e. im attracted to his confidence and how much a man he is, lol. on the date we walked to the lighthouse by the beach and he held me. Afterwards we just snuggled and fell asleep together and when I woke up I realized we had not moved at all...

Hey, he pays the bills, I never need or want for anything.

all I have to do is, cook, clean, be cute and throw a few compliments his way, that is a small price to pay.

This is a major problem at the start of the relationship, as they assume you know they're interested in you when in fact you have no idea! I must say its one of the best relationships I have been in EVER!! text or call him when he least expect it jus to say ur thinking of him and ur missing him! From my personal experience, Cancer and Leo match is pretty awesome.