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Dating in canada culture

Because of the long courtship process, the average age of marriage in Canada has been steadily rising, and is now estimated at around 30 for both genders.

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Friends sing the special birthday song ("Happy Birthday to You"), then the birthday kid will try to blow out all the flames in one gust. During childhood, most parents will arrange birthday parties for their children on their special day (or the closest available weekend), a fun excuse for the birthday boy or girl to gather up all their schoolyard buddies and spend the whole afternoon hanging out.These usually take the form of a formal dress gala held at a local hotel or banquet hall, complete with a dinner, dancing, limo rides, and lots of awkwardly-posed photographs.The actual act of graduating is commemorated with a whole other ceremony a few days or weeks later, however, usually known as convocation.As Canadians drift into their teenage years and adulthood, they begin to assume greater control over their own birthday plans.Explicit parties become rarer, while more casual outings such as a birthday visit to a favourite restaurant or bar become more common.After being handed their diploma from the school principal or president, the official (or the grad) will sometimes move the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left to symbolize completion.

In their final year of high school (and sometimes middle school as well), students will usually celebrate the completion of their studies with some sort of party organized by the school, usually known as prom or grad night.

Depending on how tasteful the friends feel like being, such parties can include strippers, pornography, heavy drinking, gambling, and erotically-themed games, or simply a somewhat more chaste “night on the town.” Weddings in Canada have gotten so elaborate and complicated that their planning and organization is now a multi-billion dollar industry unto itself, and surveys have shown that the average Canadian couple will spend upwards of $20,000 on their special day.

Most Canadian women will legally switch their last name to their husband's following the wedding, a normally expensive privilege the government gives away for free as a perk of marriage.

Eventually, the man will be expected to formally propose to his girlfriend, usually by giving a little speech and presenting her with a special engagement ring.

Should she agree, they then enter a phase of engagement that usually lasts several months to a year as the wedding is planned.

Since Canadian kids tend to be fairly spoiled these days, the organization and planning of children’s birthday parties has actually become something of a grueling and expensive assignment for many parents; parties are now often expected to include a visit somewhere entertaining, such as the bowling alley, swimming pool, or movie theatre, as well as a full meal for all the guests.