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As the world's premier big-bust personality and entertainer, Chelsea is featured all over the globe on stage, television, radio, in print, and of course, here on the internet.

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As always, Chelsea never disappoints, giving her fans all they can handle while handing out life-altering hugs to the throngs in attendance.Chelsea Charms- The official website for the WORLD'S BIGGEST BREASTS.Chelsea has the LARGEST AUGMENTED BOOBS in the world. Date -- Defined at /home/kau/.cabal/share/Nomyx-0.3.2/modules/Date01.hs: ..55 others Error in submitted rule: Won't Compile Couldn't match expected type `[Language. Msg Var a0' Couldn't match expected type `Language. She utilizes several different outfits that are no match for her super-massive, galaxy-leading globes.

In particular, the shots of her leaning over really jizz up the imagination! Resting my Monster Melons on a chair is a fun thing to do because when you have the heaviest breasts on the planet, it's nice to let them relax on a firm chair while watching TV.

With such a hectic schedule with my non-stop tour of dozens of countries around the world it's easy to enjoy the quieter and simple times back home. Chelsea gives thanks for her heaviest humongous hooters, and to all of her worldwide fans who support them with another whopper wagon clip of her mega cans.

The world's biggest jumbo jackables are on full topless display as Chelsea simulates what her boobs do before and during a typical "fun" time.

Chelsea and her cock bursting super tits have coined the phrase HUGGABLE and SUCKABLE over the years and this FULL HI-DEF video certainly prove again why.

Watch as the largest honey dews do their thing bouncing all over while growing at a never-ending pace.

Yep, my neighbors love nothing more than to sit out on the porches and watch the worlds biggest juggs swing and sway all over while keeping my yard nice and neat.