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Chance furlong and felina feral fanfiction

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Feral would not want to kick her off the force since Felina's father would never speak to her again.

She was born in 2001 and is twins with James, she's younger than him by a minute.Ann Gora is the main reporter for the local news, Katseye News. Dillon is a rowdy Kat that goes to school with James and Jessie.As far as you can tell in the story, Dillon is merely a minor friend or an aquaintance of James." Fortunately, CIA Agent James Mc Claw came to the Swat Kats' aid and ordered the Enforcers to leave after threatening Feral.In a parallel dimension within the Swat Kats universe, in which our heroes are considerably less intelligent, the delinquent, dim-witted duo is called in to save the city from attack. A strange visitor from another world arrives in Megakat City. A frail auburn meets a yellow-furred hothead, beginning an bond that becomes pivotal for the rest of their lives.Johnny is the second child of Jake and Connie Clawson. David is the oldest child of Jake and Connie Clawson. Jake is a SWAT Kat, the husband of Connie, and also is the father of 4.

He has pretty stressful life, he has defend the city against the forces of evil but still support his family of 5, other than him. He may have also passed down his knowledge to James.

Chance is a SWAT Kat and the husband of Joy and father of Jonas Furlong. Callie is the deputy mayor of Mega Kat City and is usually endangered by the evil forces.

He is a muscular and tall Kat, unlike Jake, who is skinny and average sized. Mayor Manx is the mayor of Mega Kat City and usually makes Callie do all his work.

In many situations she seems to have an underlying disrespect for authority, and doesn’t like being told what to do by anyone.

Unlike Feral, she is more competent than her Enforcers and fearlessly employs tactics that are viewed to be reckless and gives the Swat Kats the benefit of the doubt like when she discovered the "accident" that Dark Kat engineered to shatter Razor's confidence. Felina is an expert pilot and is capable of flying both an Enforcer chopper and jet as well as knowing martial arts and how to good at shooting.

It's nothing but carnage, mayhem, destruction and a whole lot of vomit-inducing action on a super-sized crossover of Total Drama's Ridonculous Race!