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He approached a hut he saw to ask for water because hie was exhausted. Years after that moment Finally Candra Kirana and Raden Inu Kertapati got married.

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” “I am the daughter of the enchanted kingdom of Daha became Golden snail by my sister because she was jealous to me” said the Keong Mas, then turned back into the golden snail. While Inu Kertapati did not want to stayed without doing anything when kirana moon disappeared. The witch kne and turned herself into a crow to made a harm to Raden Inu Kertapati.One day an old woman were fishing with nets, and the Keong Mas transported. The next day the old woman fishing at sea again but not anything obtained.But when she arrived she was shocked because in her home already available cooking nice meals.Once upon a time, Kertamarta king was the king of the kingdom of Daha.The King had two daughters, their named Dewi Galuh Ajeng ad Candra Kirana who was kind and beautiful.The grandmother wondering who sent her this cuisine.

Similarly, the following days the grandmother undergo a similar incident.

In the different way, Candra Kirana turned again from golden snail to herself, she introduced grandma to Raden Inu who helped her before.

Finally Raden Inu brought Candra Kirana into the king, and Candra Kirana told Galuh was the person behind this.

Candra Kirana had been betrothed by prince who named Raden Inu Kertapati who was good and wise.

But her siblings, Galuh was very jealous of Candra Kirana, because Galuh put the heart on Raden Inu. She also slandered Candra kirana, so expelled from the palace.

Nabila ini seorang anak yang lucu, sehingga kadang-kadang aku berhenti sebentar untuk mencubit pipinya. Kembali kami berpagutan sambil berdiri, lidah saling belit dalam gelora nafsu kami.