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Breton complied, but he also took advantage of the opportunity to hide the Sony laptop computer (the “laptop”) that he and Paradis shared in the basement.

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A friend of mine bought this storage room that was too much for him to deal with.

The district judge subsequently sentenced Breton to 340 months of imprisonment, followed by fifteen years of supervised release. The Investigation The unusual trail leading up to this case began on August 16, 2010, when Lewiston Police Officer David Brule, State Police Sergeant Glenn Lang, and State Trooper David Armstrong made an unannounced visit to Breton's house in Sanford, Maine to investigate an unrelated computer hacking crime.

Breton now appeals, challenging the admission of certain evidence, the sufficiency of the evidence as to all charges, and the calculation of his sentence. Breton, a nuclear electronics supervisor at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and part-time pre-medical student at the University of New England, shared the home with his then-wife, Amanda Paradis, and their young daughter.

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