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"OK Jim." We sat on the floor and I asked "What's the game? " Jim says "Just like poker except the winner gets to choose which loser has to take off a piece of clothing.

Soon enough my brother and I only had our boxers on.After playing a few more games, we all lost some clothes but my sister only had on her bra and panties. She thinks she is safe with you around but not if I include you in on the fun" "I'm with you bro." Our sister came back and we started and I won the next hand and said "Your turn sis." She gave me a real dirty look and reached behind her and unhooked her bra.She said "I have to go pee." While she was gone my brother said "Mike, we need to stick together on this, just follow my lead on everything, we want to get Sarah naked and then have her do stuff with us. She took it off and covered her tits with her arms.Jim says "Sarah, the rule is one minute for each thing you have to do so kiss my cock for a minute and then Mike's." She went back and started to kiss his thing. I pulled out after I was done and my sister spit my stuff out. She gargled and brushed her teeth and we went back to Jim's room. " "It was gross; I don't understand why girls do this. DON'T EVER ASK, I'LL NEVER LET YOU OR ANYONE DO THAT. Jim, please, anything else but letting him push his thing up my privacy. I've never had anything in there before and I can't even get a finger in there. " "It says Mike and you should move your hips so his cock moves back and forth in your pussy.The only reason I did it was because you're blackmailing me. JIM, LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE, YOU'VE MADE MIKE WANT TO DO BAD THINGS WITH ME." Jim says "It not bad what were doing, lots of brothers and sisters do this but they don't tell anybody." We played the next hand and Jim won again. " "Sis, do you want me to call Mom & Dad up right now, tell them you're a shoplifter and you gave us BJs? " "Sis, I was going to help but if I have a choice between helping you or putting my thing in your privacy, I'm going for B." "Sis, do you want me to tell them you're a shoplifter and you did dirty things to Mike and I? I tried once but it wouldn't go in and his thing is much bigger than my finger. It says the cock should almost come all the way out and then slam it back hard.Mom told me to never let anyone see it." "Do you want me to tell Mom and Dad what you did? "Sarah, move your hand away from you pussy and sit down cross legged" I never knew that a woman's private area was called a pussy.

My sister moved her hand away and I saw it for the first time. I immediately felt my thing swell even more when I saw it.

Please help me, please." "OK sis, I'll do my best." We walked quietly down the hall to my older brother's room. " "I want him here." Jim pulled Sarah over and they whispered to each other for a minute.

My parents were certainly asleep because they were early birds and they had a downstairs bedroom so they would never hear anything that went on upstairs. Jim finally said "OK, Mike we're going to play a card game.

We played again and Sarah won and told Jim to take off his boxers.

He quickly got them off and his thing was as big as mine. I don't understand." Look at this magazine and he passed it to her.

I looked at my radio at it was 12AM and I asked her, "What's up Sarah?