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Antonio banderas daughter dating

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When it was announced that Griffith would play the leading role as the homicidal Roxie Hart, most critics dismissed the move as a publicity stunt and a terrible casting choice (Griffith had never sang, danced or appeared on stage professionally).

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And it's kinda impossible to know who you are at that age."—and they moved to New York together.Living with Bauer in New York, Griffith sobered up and began taking acting classes under Stella Adler.Griffith and Bauer married that same year, and Griffith gave birth to their son, Alexander, in 1985.In 1963, Griffith's mother began working with Alfred Hitchcock, and although the legendary director fell in love with her, she rejected his advances.Months later, on her sixth birthday, Melanie Griffith received a typically eerie gift from Hitchcock—a small wooden coffin containing a wax replica of her mother wearing her costume from Griffith began modeling and appearing in television commercials as an infant, but quickly abandoned her career as a child model due to her extreme shyness.Shortly thereafter, Griffith's acting career took flight once again. Really badly." After leaving rehab, Griffith reunited with ex-husband Don Johnson.

Her breakthrough role came as the female lead in the 1986 romantic thriller However, just as Griffith reached the apex of her success, personal problems once again derailed her career. They remarried in 1989, and in October of that year Griffith gave birth to their daughter, Dakota.

“When you get a lot of attention in the media and you go to a lot of stupid parties and you're 18, 19, 20, 21, you know, and you're cute and sexy or whatever, you get a lot of attention, and it's just not that healthy unless you really know who you are. Her father, Peter Griffith, was a former actor turned advertising executive, and her mother, Tippi Hedren, was an actress best known for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock's .

And it's kinda impossible to know who you are at that age.”“The change for anyone who's been addicted to any mind-altering substances like alcohol or drugs is so great. Griffith's parents divorced when she was 4 years old, and she moved to Los Angeles where she was raised by her mother and her mother's second husband, television producer Noel Marshall.

“I know he mentioned he had some problems [in his marriage].

In Cannes he was saying that he was trying to fix the marriage,” Burns told Radar.

Griffith and Bauer divorced in 1987, and she returned to a life of alcoholism and drug addiction. However, after Johnson indulged in several well-publicized bouts of drunkenness and infidelity, the couple divorced again in 1996.