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Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.Simply fill out the form below and we will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours, if you haven’t heard from us during that time, please contact us directly on our land-line.

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Turqle pays 2.5% of the export price of this product to the Fair Trade Trust for the education of the workers and their families.She has spent the last 15 years exploring different aspects of health and healing including nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, meditation, different forms of energy healing and metaphysics.She is a qualified yoga teacher and also has a diploma in Life Coaching, a diploma in Hypnotherapy and is in the final stages of completing a Ph D in Exercise Science (UCT) focusing on Stress Management.For more information on the activities of the Fair Trade Trust: of the stories, recipes and suggestions are borrowed - where possible with the permission of the authors - and where it was not possible to get permission, we hope the acknowledgements in the narative will be sufficient.Most of the images and photographs are our own, stock images purchased from a variety of agencies - but some have crept into the picture archives without notes about where they came from and who took them.Turqle undertakes regular food safety and social audits at all production fascilities. All products are shipped on positive release (this means that every batch is checked against the microbiological and chemical specifications agreed with the importer.) Each product has a fully developed specification sheet.

Labels are adapted to conform to the label regulations of the importing country.

The wire and beadwork is made by hand at Cape Mental Health Society." WFTO is a global organisation of fair traders.

It is a membership driven organisation - this means members have a say and are involved in the running and decision making of the organisation.

Her passions include stress management, medical hypnotherapy and preventative health care.

Her goal is to empower people to become happy, healthy and full of vibrant energy. Areas that she frequently works with include: Initial consultations are one hour.

A product carrying the WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade logo means the producer organisation has been guaranteed fair trade by WFTO.